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Wood Flavored Cinnamon Toothpicks 12qty in Plastic Reausable Tube
Wood Flavored Cinnamon Toothpicks 12qty in Plastic Reausable Tube
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Product Description

Wood Flavored Cinnamon Toothpicks 12qty in Plastic Reausable Tube
FlavaSticks are your substitute to Gum, Candy & Cigarettes

No Calories No Carbs, No sugars! ALL THE FLAVA! We Only Use Natural Ingredients & The Best Birch Wood.

Our Toothpicks Are Made The Old Fashioned Way. Actual product packaging is as shown in picture

Handy screw-on cap tubes are packed with tasty flavored toothpicks!

Each tube contains 12 toothpicks and (2) Tubes Shipped with Each Order.

These Picks Last for Hours and Freshen Breath Immediately.

Don't Be Fooled By Our Competitors!

There Quality Does Not Compare.

Flavasticks Toothpicks are made by long storage and then dried to lip searing perfection! Quit Smoking Today and chew on a Flavastick! 6 Amazing Flavors are available and provided for:

- Restaurants

- Nightclubs

- Wedding Favors

- Party Favors

- Poker Parties

- Corporate Gifts

- Thank You Gifts

- Birthdays

- Anniversaries

- Holidays

- Christmas Gifts

- Bat Mitzvahs

- Valentine's Day

- Super Bowl Parties

- Easter

- St. Patrick's Day

- Mardi Gras

Or Just For Fun!

Private labeling available for any event.

We Are Setting Standards and Will Be Releasing 5 New Flavors Never Tasted Before! Coming Soon To Locations Near You.

We Sell In Bulk For Private & Conventional Events.

Dont Have Flavasticks At Your Local Restaurant, Tell Them or Refer Us. Become an Affiliate and Earn Money Off Each Sale!

Try Our World Famous Wood Flavored Cinnamon Toothpicks Today
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Cinnamon Toothpicks 100 Qty Bulk Bags We Make It Flavorful to aid in addictions

Our Toothpicks are Sugar Free Candy

Please Note:

Flavasticks is NOT a pharmaceutical company and do not produce medical products.