We manufacture and sell five intense, healthy and amazing flavors of birch wood USA MADE toothpicks.

Our tasty wood chewing sticks aren't your plain, run-of-the-mill toothpicks. Do you know what's in our competitors ingredients list?

We are family owned and operated with proper licensing and insurance. Everything that's produced on property is at the highest quality, we don't cut corners with manufacture time and cleanliness.

Our toothpicks are produced with layers of flavor! They're made of quality birch wood sustainability harvested from planted birch trees, and amply absorbed with the best essential oils and flavorings in the marketplace today.

Each pick is bursting with taste, and the more you chew 'em, the stronger they get.

The make the perfect stocking stuffer for the holidays.

Try our Hot, Sweet and Spicy Flavored Toothpicks Today
Each tube contains 12 toothpicks, jar come in 350, 400 or 600 qty re-usable containers.

Made of the best birch wood, our chewing wood flavored toothpicks come manufactured in a whole host of delightful flavors including cinnamon cinnamon, eucalyptus, spearmint/peppermint and wintergreen toothpicks.

We straight up make the be best toothpicks around and if you don't believe us then try some today for yourself.

MADE IN USA!!! Handmade IN THE USA With Love, We Love What We Do!

Our Lip smacking, teeth picking, hot sweet and spicy toothpicks will awaken your taste buds immediately.

Purchase our retail 5 pack hang bags for any retail business, event or outdoor venue.

Our extreme flavored toothpicks are made of real birch wood, which we have determined to be far superior to plastic and bamboo toothpick products.

They work great after eating or drinking, as well as heartburn and stomach aches.

No Calories No Carbs, No Sugars! ALL THE FLAVA! & The Best Birch Wood.

Our Toothpicks and Bully Chewing Sticks Fix The Craving for Carbs, Sugar and Nicotine.

Cinnamon Flavored Toothpicks

Promotes digestion, substitute to candy or gum for diabetes patients.

Our gourmet line of wood sticks are all natural!

Get rid of your hard candy and gum and order some today.

Order our excellent flavored toothpicks containing no calories and no carbs! Our product line of flavor toothpick products is backed by extensive research to ensure the superior quality and taste of our flavored wood toothpick products. Our toothpicks are sold in a variety of fantastic flavors, all of which deliver extreme flavor for hours on end!

Why would anyone want to buy FlavaSticks toothpicks? In addition to the fact that our toothpicks have no calories and no carbs, our round toothpicks are also sugar free. Therefore, our fantastically flavored wood toothpicks are an excellent replacement for bulk candy and sweets.

For anyone looking to manage weight, and to avoid sweets, our flavor toothpick line serves as an ideal substitute. With our flavored toothpicks, anyone can get sweet, delicious flavor that they crave any time of day or night without racking up the calories. Flavasticks wood toothpicks are an outstanding way to curb hunger. Our customers are consumers from a wide range of age groups: people aged 18 to 80 adore our product line!

Flavasticks wood toothpicks are also excellent for consumers looking to freshen breath. Our extreme toothpicks are a fast way to fend off bad breath.

Consumers can go without the need for sugar free gum or bulk candy. Further, our consumers appreciate the fact that our toothpicks deliver extreme flavor for many hours; this ensures many hours of fresh breath and a feeling of confidence throughout the day!

Consumers find our flavored wood toothpicks easy to use because they are extremely portable. Our flavor toothpick line gives the consumer plenty of flavor diversity too.

Actual product packaging is as shown in picture.

Handy push-on cap & heavy duty reusable tubes are packed with tasty Flavasticks toothpicks.

We ship immediately!

Don't Be Fooled By Our Competitors! Their Quality Does Not Compare.

What's your Flava?

Our toothpicks are great for the following as well: alternative candy, flavor sampler, cinnamon toothpicks, cinnamint, spearmint, peppermint, wintergreen, sugar free, no calories, great smell, great aroma, alternative to match books or clean smell environments.

The first time you use FlavaSticks is a nice surprise. These aren't your typical flavored toothpicks you find when you leave a restaurant. These pack a HUGE punch. Garlic? Onions? Coffee breath? FlavaSticks can handle everything. Say goodbye to gum. Say hello to FlavaSticks!

WARNING: Not to be sold or used by persons under the age of 13 years. Keep cartridges and packs locked up and out of reach and sight of children and pets as they are dangerous if swallowed. If you have a health history or conditions exist, please consult your doctor prior to use.

Please Note:

Flavasticks and our wood flavored toothpicks ARE NOT a pharmaceutical company and do not produce medical products.